Darren Rainey's death in prison shower 'accidental'

Darren Rainey's death in prison shower 'accidental'

Anger as state attorney rules 2012 death of Darren Rainey, a schizophrenic 'punished' with scalding shower, an accident.

Civil rights organisations have condemned a US state attorney's decision to close the case against prison guards who sent an inmate to a scalding shower, which witnesses and lawyers believe killed him.
In June 2012, four guards trapped 50-year-old Darren Rainey, a schizophrenic, in a shower at Florida's Dade Correctional Institute for two hours
He was found dead lying face up in the shower, his skin red and slipping off.
Some prisoners said they heard Rainey scream out for help, saying the water was "too hot", that they saw steam coming out of the shower, and that CPR was not performed.
While a prison nurse said that Rainey's body felt hot, she said a sergeant did perform CPR.
On Friday, the office of Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle released a 101-page report saying Rainey's cause of death was "an accident".


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