Gaza-Israel border shut after Mazen Faqha killing

Gaza-Israel border shut after Mazen Faqha killing

Hamas closes northern Gaza crossing 'until further notice', as it reflects on Mazen Faqha's killing, blamed on Israel.

Hamas authorities have shut the Gaza border with Israel after the killing of a senior commander, which Hamas blamed on "Israel and its collaborators".
The rare measure reflected Hamas' shock after the killing of Mazen Faqha , who was found shot dead at the entrance of his Gaza City home late on Friday.
Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Iyad al-Bozum on Sunday announced  (Arabic) that the Beit Hanoun checkpoint, which faces the Israeli crossing of Erez in the north of the Gaza Strip, would be closed until further notice.
"In light of the humanitarian situation, only the residents of Gaza with humanitarian cases will be allowed to return to Gaza via the Beit Hanoun checkpoint," Bozum said.
Bozum confirmed that Hamas security services were investigating the circumstances of Faqha's killing.
He called on Gaza's citizens and media to be responsible in dealing with the event and not to circulate rumours about the incident.


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